The amazing Terrarium Quinoa Salad Bowl!!!

It looks beautiful but would you dare to eat this?EdibleTerrarium_InstagramWinner.jpg

Ingredients for Terrarium Quinoa Salad Bowl

Time: 15-20 Minutes              Serves: 1 person per bowl

There are countless ways you can make your own terrarium salad. Use your creativity in choosing ingredients and share your photos with us! Here are the ingredients we used:

  1. Garbanzo beans (or other large beans)
  2. Black beans (or other medium sized beans)
  3. Two colors of quinoa (one dark and one light)
  4. Mini-zucchini (or other small firm green veggies)
  5. Avocado
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Strawberries (for making a cactus flower!)
  8. Dressing of choice

Complete recipe here:

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