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My Social Book- The Book who saves your memories forever. (Promo Code)

What one thing does everyone have, but which makes you incredibly unique at the same time?



We all have plenty of memories, good and bad, and all of them make us special! It’s how we interact with our memories that shapes us.
Our memories are important, and we need them to understand our world, but it’s so easy to lose track of baby’s precious first steps in the fast paced lives we live.

With Facebook and Instagram, we shared those memories in real-time online. But those posts are so fleeting – they exist in the moment for people to like, comment, and interact with, before fading into the background with the rest of the web.

With My Social Book you create the perfect keepsake of your life!

And here’s the best part – you don’t have to change any of your habits!  You can just continue to use Facebook and Instagram normally.  And when you decide it’s time to preserve your memories you create the book you need on our website :

You will have all your status, pictures, check-ins, albums, with their likes and comments, printed in one book!

Visit our website and use this code, to have 15% on your order : 20IDESERVEAMSB17


Idea for the weekend

1- Give your kid an old camera (with film).
2- Explain to him/her that there are only a certain amount of pictures that he/she can take.
3- And that his/her mission is to take pictures of what is really important. What he/she loves during the weekend (even if it’s not a special one).
4- Let us know how it came out! Share the pictures and the experience.


photo credit Jackie Rueda
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Collect your lifetime and relive it forever with My Social Book

What is a My Social Book?

What’s more important than a memory? With My Social Book, you preserve all the details of your life in a beautiful book.

Every Facebook timeline or Instagram feed tells a distinctive story. Every collection of posts paints a different life in all its original colors. Whatever you choose to celebrate or commemorate, create the book that’s uniquely you.

With My Social Book print all your Facebook & Instagram pictures, comments, and statuses. Go to our website and take a look to your free preview.


Lamp DIY

Look this Cool DIY project. Easy to do with your Kid’s Drawings, for Example…


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